Custom Blocks

Bootstrap Accordion

Add a frequently asked questions section easily using our Bootstrap Accordion block.

Button Block

Easily add a call to action button. The button is available in 4 styles, including ghost, and 4 sizes of button.

Bootstrap Thumbnail

A block with an image, some text and a call to action button.

Team Member

A block to add a team member with image, name, job title and description.

Button Block

Button block has the choice of 4 styles and sizes of button. Easily create buttons for your site.

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Yes, it is. Use this block to display frequently asked questions on your site.

Of course! We include several colour presets, and you can also change colours individually in the Design panel.

Sample content is included in this theme. We strongly recommend for new websites that you install using the sample content, as this will save you a lot of time.

Colour Presets

Default (as shown in the demo)






Image Custom Classes

Helpful custom classes for images including classes for centering images, creating a circular image, and full-width images.

Custom Templates


3 templates to choose from for your portfolio or other page list including two column, three column and masonry layouts. These can be used for other purposes as well, such as a team or product lists.


Choose from classic, masonry or grid templates for your blog.


4 Custom templates for the Autonav block, including Juniper for the top menu, chevron and vertical menu for sidebar and footer areas, and a template for breadcrumb navigation.

Page Title

Add a fade in effect, typing text effect or underline to your page title using a custom template.


Helpful CSS classes to add headings to your underline. Default headings are without underlines.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5

Heading 1

Heading 2




Bootstrap Thumbnail

You may find this block helpful to add a picture, some text and a link. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, id clita utroque definitiones est, at tation possit philosophia vel, pro ferri atomorum repudiandae ex.

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